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Ohio Heroes Program

Updated: Feb 1

Are you a first responder, military, teacher, or healthcare professional looking to buy a home? At Polaris, we know how important your job is, and we are here to help you achieve your dream of homeownership! OHFA offers discounted mortgage interest rates for those who serve the public with the Ohio Heroes Program.


What is the Ohio Heroes Program?

The Ohio Heroes program is a mortgage program offered by The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) and rewards Ohio residents who serve the public with a discounted mortgage interest rate, including Conventional and FHA loans.

Who Qualifies for this program?

  • Police

  • Firefighters (paid and volunteer)

  • Paramedics

  • Physicians

  • Nurse Practitioners

  • Emergency Medical Technicians

  • Registered Nurses

  • Licensed Practical Nurses

  • State-Tested Nurse Aides

  • Veterans

  • Active-duty military members or reservists (surviving spouses included)

  • Teachers (Pre-K through grade 12 teacher), administrators, and counselors.

Am I Eligible?

You may qualify for an OHFA homebuyer program if you meet the criteria listed below:

  • You meet income and purchase price limits, which vary by county.

  • You meet debt-to-income ratios for your loan type.

  • You meet the credit score requirements.

  • Conventional, USDA and VA Loans: 640 or higher

  • FHA Loans: 650 or higher

  • You work in one of the following careers:

  • Veterans, active duty military members, or members of reserve components (including surviving spouses)

  • Police officers, firefighters, volunteer firefighters, EMTs and paramedics

  • Physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses (RN and LPN) and STNAs

  • Teachers (pre-K through grade 12), administrators and counselors


Can I use Down Payment Assistance with this program?

You can choose to include down payment assistance in your Ohio Heroes loan. Down payment assistance is forgiven after seven years. If you sell or refinance your home within seven years, your down payment assistance may be forgiven if you sell and then buy another home in the state of Ohio. Refinanced loans do require a prorated recapture of the down payment assistance. Grant money is available for income-eligible applicants, that does not have to be repaid.


Qualified buyers are required to complete free homebuyer education. OHFA's streamlined education program allows you to complete a course offered by any U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved counseling agency in Ohio. Please note that OHFA homebuyer education is not completed until after the homebuyer has submitted their loan application to their loan officer. Homebuyer Education is not required for borrowers who are only registered for our Mortgage Tax Credit (MTC Basic) program.

How Do I Apply?

Polaris Home Funding works closely with OHFA to help those in qualifying professions achieve the dream of homeownership. To learn more about the program, contact us today at or submit our contact form.

Firetruck headed to an emergency with text displaying "Polaris Home Funding Corporation".
Polaris first responders loan program in Akron. Pre-approval for first responders.

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